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Limited Zeon “James Bond 007” Quartz Stainless Steel Wrist Watch Edition Model CT-242 Digital LCD Display Chronograph With Day / Date, Stop Watch, Melody Alarm (Plays James Bond Theme) And Night Light.

A story of a bank heist that almost ended in disaster (for the robbers) until their getaway driver Wah Dee (Andy Lau) took a young woman Jo Jo(Jacklyn Wu) hostage. See full summary » A father's ex-girlfriend resurfaces after a 10-year absence wanting to take her son away from him.

With his world shattered, he must decide between what is best for his son and his own future happiness.

A corrupt cop named Sam handles negotiations between two Triad leaders who plan to join forces.

However, he meets a suspicious bald man named Tony, who keeps following him around and disrupting his personal business.

The all-female Heroic Trio are Tung (Wonder Woman), Chat (Thief Catcher), a mercenary, and Ching (Invisible Woman).

Initially, they're on opposing sides - the invisible Ching is kidnapping ...

See full summary » Police inspector and excellent hostage negotiator Ho Sheung-Sang finds himself in over his head when he is pulled into a 72 hour game by a cancer suffering criminal out for vengeance on Hong Kong's organized crime Syndicates.

Jack and Martin are members of rival Chinese triads in the middle of a gang war.

Both of their gang leaders like to get advice from a fortune teller living in Thailand. See full summary » Chicken Feet (Andy Lau) assists in running an honorable gambling den owned by the crippled Uncle Fan (Siu-Ming Lau) and his son Kit (Wong Kit).

Having previously tried to shut down the gambling den and take over by paralyzing Fan and framing Kit for another man's murder, ruthless local Triad boss, James (Kelvin Wong) goes a step further by murdering Fan.

Driven only by money and the pursuit of two valuable 'Jade stones', James kidnaps Kit's daughter so he will surrender gambling in order for James to win the upcoming Championship.