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Today’s band existed only briefly back around 1970 and as you can see from the above album cover, they definitely qualify as among the weirder acts of their time.

Besides dressing up like Medieval Times employees and hanging out in meat lockers, they also played a very early, very primitive style of hard rock that featured no guitars, just organ and drums. Yes, Attila was one of Billy Joel’s first bands, before he finally wised up and launched his solo career.

It was like a couple of dudes heard Deep Purple’s “Hush” when they were really stoned and were all, “You know what would be heavy? ” And after less than a year together, even they finally realized this was a terrible idea and broke up. Listen to the track below and keep telling yourself that this is the same guy who went on to do “New York State of Mind” and “Just the Way You Are.” Kind of hurts your head, doesn’t it? Gotta admit, they were actually pretty heavy for a band with no guitars.

We've been using the Youtube API in our Android Application for about 3 months now, we removed alot of old video's the last couple of days and updated our MYSQL server where the video ID's are stored.

We made 60 video's add dynamically (using the MYSQL) in our main screen, and i've added about 6 video's 'hardcoded', so nothing should have gone wrong there. If I keep tapping the bottom right corner, where the link to the youtube web/app is, then it will load the video inside the normal youtube application. I had an issue earlier with the You Tube API, and the bug was introduced with a specific version of the You Tube app.

Suddenly all the video's won't play inside the application and give the error "There was a problem while playing, touch to retry". That is, the presence of the bug in my application depended on the installed version of You Tube.

If you go to , you can install another version of You Tube directly with an file downloaded from here, for example.

Install an earlier version of You Tube for a temporary solution.

You may want to raise an issue at the issue tracker for You Tube, and wait for the fix.

The Internet enables us to connect with people worldwide, it puts breaking news and information at our fingertips, and it brings us one more thing we can't get enough of here at MNN: cat videos.

Thanks to the pervasiveness of cameras and the simplicty of You Tube, new cat videos are uploaded every day, but there are some kitties whose videos hold a special place in You Tube history.

Here's a look at some fun-loving felines and cuddly kittens who were made famous by You Tube.