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Garage Guard is a water-based, catalyzed epoxy that delivers superior chemical, abrasion, and impact resistance in a durable, semi-gloss coating.

Can be used on garage floors, basement floors, and other concrete surfaces.

Garage Guard is cross-linked for outstanding hardness and chemical resistance.

Has home improvement solutions that can save you money and enhance your home.

Whether you are looking to insulate, reduce noise, waterproof, or repair a cracked garage or patio floor, LINE-X coatings can do the job.

ASPART-X is a ZERO-VOC, aliphatic polyurea that provides superior UV stability with excellent color and gloss retention.

It is a versatile coatings solution with virtually limitless possibilities.

From residential decks, patios, garage/basement floors — or commercial and industrial applications — ASPART-X provides unsurpassed performance.

No matter what your needs, your ASPART-X application will protect your investment for years to come.

Available in: solid tan, gray, white, black, and clear, as well as a wide variety of color chip combinations.

Custom colors can be special ordered to your specification for a wide range of flooring, decking, and industrial applications.

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