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Our Maiden Voyage Dear colleagues, it gives me utmost great pleasure to announce, through the publication of this inaugural News Letter, the establishment of the all new Saudi Society of Cytopathology (CLICK FOR RULES AND REGULATION OF THE SOCIETY).

This Society is ultimately the pinnacle representing the dynamism and energy thus far invested into the discipline of Cytopathology in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Society is a tribute to all colleagues that helped shape the discipline in their own particular way, and to the myriad of patients that we continue to serve.

Likewise, it shall form an institution with which we will hereafter identify; gaining not only an identity, but also a formal organization representing a significant diagnostic medical service.

Yet perhaps most importantly, the Society shall embark upon a journey in the best interest and welfare of the patient and student.

The Society, through its vested membership and expertise shall consider, survey and propose guidelines leading the way to ever greater proficiency; be it breast fine needle aspiration biopsy or professional certification.

In essence, our new Society shall be the beacon of practice, and the focal point for aspiring students; and not only for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

This inaugural News Letter, can only be but just that. It is therefore a given that everything you see in this publication is sure to change.

With maturity, and time, the Society will take form and character.

It is with this expectation in mind that I am now obliged to thank all those individuals that accepted to compose the Founding Board of Directors (FBOD).

This eclectic team has accepted the challenges and associated charge of streamlining the fledgling Society; to nurture its early developmental phases, and to set a sound course for future navigation.

After these events, it is with pride that I accepted to serve as inaugural President of the Society.