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Using a Wi Fi shield to connect to a router, control a sentry gun using a terminal emulator installed on your laptop, or with an app installed on your Android device.

If your router is connected to the internet, this sentry gun could theoretically be controlled from anywhere in the world as long as you can access that IP address.

With a separate Wi Fi Webcam installed, you also have to ability to remotely view what the sentry gun is seeing.

Well documented code is provided to enable you to perform further experimentation with the platform. phone or tablet.8) Webcam ( optional ).9) Power ( see explanation in later step ).

You will require the following items, or equivalent.1) Nerf N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25 Blaster with Ammo Box & Ammo Belt.2) Lynxmotion Bot Boarduino.3) Arduino Wi Fi Shield.4) 2 x HS-805BB Giant Scale Servo Motors.5) Wi Fi Router ( any ).6) Pu TTY Terminal Emulator. Visit this previously published Instructable for a detailed explanation on that.

You will require basic woodworking and general "maker" skills, but that's half the fun of most of these types of projects.

Don't be afraid of this aspect of larger Arduino projects...

Put down your smartphone and try playing with a powertool for awhile!

When you're done building something, the rest of this Instructable will step you through controlling it...

The shield compatible Lynxmotion Bot Boarduino is perfect for controlling any Arduino (Duemilanove) based project, but especially those requiring servos.

It has an onboard speaker (hardwired to pin 5), three onboard pushbuttons with corresponding LED's, a reset button, separate logic and servo power inputs, an I/O bus with 20 pins and power and ground, and a 5vdc 1.5amp regulator.

Up to 18 servos can be plugged in directly, and powered separate from the logic circuit of the board in this manner (refer to image above)... Whatever power you run into here will be directly used by the servos. (13) is a jumper you remove to separate the VS and VL power circuits.