vip volcano

No matter what room you get in this hotel whether it is the cheapest or most expensive you will be winning. The vibe and ambiance is fantastic, super relaxing.

The staff are very friendly, everyone will say hello to you.

I feel like almost the photos don't do this place justice, it is better in real life.

Amazing views, wonderful friendly staff and all facilities were spotless. Hard to fault, Sophia at reception was a great source of information and an asset to the hotel.

For Santorini, this hotel was amazing, especially for the money.

Staying in Volcano view added to the charm of Santorini. Apparently, Oia is where the "luxury" is, but this hotel was in a perfect location for us. The reception desk is open 24 hours for assistance and enquiries, and guests are provided with free transfer to and from the town.

Volcano View is just a short drive from the centre of Fira.

When volcano experts say Bali's Mount Agung is "extremely likely" to erupt within hours or days, it is because of charts like the one above.

Stations routinely collect data on tremors within the mountain, with a spiky red line charting the rise and fall of Agung's mood day after day.

But two weeks ago the red line spiked skyward, which experts said was a telltale sign an eruption is imminent.

Emeritus Professor Richard Arculus from Australian National University said there was a high chance of the volcano erupting by the end of the week."Seventy to 80 per cent within days, probably 90 per cent within weeks to months, but I'm reserving that 10 per cent in case it doesn't happen — so the odds are on, but whether it proceeds to an eruption or not is still uncertain," he said.

But he said similar types of seismic crises have been known to stall in the past."The key here is that the number of earthquakes is increasing and the level of which they are occurring in the crust has continued to shallow so that's quite concerning and means it is more likely to erupt than not," he said.