великий атилла

Civilizations: Huns (you -- Huns), Adrianople (enemy -- Byzantines), Dyrrhachium (enemy -- Teutons), Eastern Roman Empire (enemy -- Byzantines), Naissus (enemy -- Goths), Scythians (ally -- Mongols), Sofia (enemy -- Franks), Thessalonica (enemy -- Byzantines) Starting Units: 8 Cavalry Archers, 12 Tarkans Starting Buildings: None Starting Resources: None Starting Age: Castle Age Heroes: None Most Useful Units: Tarkans, Cavalry Archers Most Useful Technologies: Husbandry, Thumb Ring Your population in this scenario is a mere 75 units.

Fortunately, only two of your enemies will put up any resistance, and neither of them is very aggressive.

Your initial Tarkans should be focused on destroying buildings -- the "Stand Ground" or "No Attack" stances may be useful for this -- while your Cavalry Archers clear away enemy units.

Sofia is your first target, just southwest of your starting point.

Pick off as many Villagers as you can before knocking down their Barracks and Town Center, then slay the rest.

Now move directly east, all the way to the edge of the map.

Swat the Villagers of Naissus aside while wrecking their Lumber Camps, then make a 90-degree turn south to Adrianople.

(Do not allow your troops to attack the Eastern Roman Outposts along the way!

) Adrianople has a Monastery, a Barracks, an Archery Range, and two Watch Towers to demolish -- plus a pair of Monks to kill -- before you can plunder its Mining Camps.

Another 90-degree turn west will bring you to a chain of islands and shallows.

Cross over to Thessalonica and burn everything down, Houses and all.

A handful of Archers and Monks will mount a feeble defense, but for once, decline from massacring the Villagers.