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Luvabella doll, LEGO, LOL surprise, Hatchimals Surprise and Pie Face are among toys predicted to be best-sellers this Christmas 2017 by Dream Toys, Amazon, Argos, Hamleys, John Lewis, Tesco, The Entertainer and more. It's the new Christmas toy tradition: all the major stores release their own list of the toys they believe will be bestsellers in the run up to 25 December. We've taken a good long look at the most recommended buys from Dream Toys, Amazon, Hamleys, Argos, Toys RUs, John Lewis, The Entertainer, Tesco and more – and singled out the toys we think are definitely worth their place on your child's wishlist.

To make our top choices, we've been reviewing the toys for play potential and value for money, getting kids to play with them and give us feedback, and finding out the cheapest places to buy the toys – updated in realtime wherever we can.

Recommended by: Argos and Toys R Us Age: 3 This year’s ‘Oh no, everywhere’s sold out’ Christmas toy – which makes it an immediate must-have. She’s an AI doll – that means she uses artificial intelligence to learn how to interact with your child.

The more she’s played with, the more she responds, and will even start saying some words.

She has an astonishingly expressive face – her lips move and her eyes blink .

And if you tickle her tummy or her toes, she will giggle and if you cover her eyes, she will play peekaboo.

But yes, our MFM mums who tested her did find her a bit creepy.

Then again, each to their own - and it's good to see an African-American and a brunette version, as well as the traditional blonde blue-eyed. A small amount of stock will drop to various stores between now and Christmas. The stores that are selling Luvabella and their prices include: Recommended by: Amazon Age: 5 The runaway hit of Christmas 2015, Pie Face has made it back into the must-have toy lists for 2017. Available for £8.83 off from Amazon, £3 off at Tesco and £2 off at Argos Recommended by: Tesco and Toys R Us Age: 6 The big, big version of the highly successful LOL Surprise Ball, this has 50 surprises inside including collectible dolls and accessories.

This time it’s a freestanding 'fairground' style version where you hit the hammer and see how far up you can get the pie to splat your opponent. Like its smaller sister, it's all ready to unpeel – but is, obviously, going to take WAY longer to reach the end.

It’s already in high demand and selling out fast – Tesco is limiting orders to 2 per purchase, so expect to pay full price.

Limited stock available today at Argos but out of stock at Tesco and Smyths Toys, although more are expected in early December.

Recommended by: The Entertainer Age: 8 Great messy (and will planned-out) fun.