starburst game

Experience the chaos and thrill of Starburst, our favourite 5 reel slot adventure.

With the opportunity to bet on up to 10 lines at different values the colour and pop of this game will blow you away.

Take a journey into deep space and explore the multitude of symbols, scatters, wilds and bonus games on offer when you play Starburst.

It is said that space is the last great frontier of mankind, the great unknown.

Only a handful of men have managed to enter Space and even fewer have landed on the moon.

Many even question whether the whole thing is a cold war conspiracy but nevertheless, Starburst allows you to climb aboard the space shuttle and engage the booster rockets and travel into deep space from the comfort of your own home.

Starburst is perhaps one of the most classic online slots games and is a favoured game for most gaming platforms.

Who knows why it’s gained such momentum but maybe it’s down to the free spin offers that are always attached to the game. Nevertheless, Starburst is extremely vibrant and simplistic and offers a perfect entry point for both traditionalists and new slot gamers alike.

Starburst is arguably the most popular slots game in the world.

The funky colours and dazzling gems are a winning combination that has proved successful to the appeal of this game.

Starburst is seen as a benchmark in the industry for games developers to aspire to.

There are some great bonus features and significant jackpots.