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Attending a webcast is a great way to get familiar with an ECRM® technology - not only will you get a live demonstration of the application, you will also be able to get your questions answered by our experts.

Follow the webcast links below to check available times and dates and to register for a session.

ECRM Connect ECRM Connect is a web based application designed to keep you connected while on the go.

This multidimensional system combines the ECRM business tools you trust into a single infrastructure.

From meeting follow-up to monitoring market trends, ECRM Connect offers the flexibility and control you crave. Register for an ECRM Connect Training Session New Vendor Web Ex This training session briefly covers what vendors can expect before, during, and after attending an ECRM EPPS.

Topics include all essential information vendors should know about EPPS, and what tools are available to help ensure the most successful EPPS possible.

The Efficient Program Planning Sessions (EPPS) are pre-scheduled private meetings between buyers and sellers in a variety of categories and industries.

These targeted meetings allow for more direct discussions around common business objectives to increase productivity, streamline business processes and grow sales.

Generic Pharmaceutical suppliers will have scheduled meetings with Rx buyers at chain drug stores, supermarkets, mass merchants, wholesalers, distributors, and buy groups for Independents.

In these pre-scheduled meetings discussions focus on product launch plans, distribution/stocking, new products,...

The Consumer Technology EPPS focuses on the latest trends in Consumer Electronics.

Manufacturers will present and review new products and programs, marketing initiatives and special promotional opportunities to retailers across all channels.