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At this time, only electronic subscriptions to Mathematical Research Publishers journals are available. Subscribing to a given journal gives access to all of its published papers.

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Communications in Mathematical Analysis is an international research journal devoted to the publication of high level research articles in all areas and sub-areas of mathematical analysis and their applications.

In particular, it encourages interdisciplinary papers that cut across sub-disciplines within ...

The African Diaspora Journal of Mathematics is an international journal for mathematical research of highest rank dedicated to the publication of carefully refereed research articles in all areas of pure and ...

At Melton Design Group, we understand that municipal and civic facilities are your city’s urban cornerstone.

Designing these focal points require experience and community research to discover the roots of your city.

Civic centers, administration centers, police stations and court house design are just a few of the facilities that anchor your community.

Unique monument design, city park design and plaza design enrich and preserve your urban history.

Incorporating local materials is a sustainable approach to involving your community resources.

It is important to Melton Design Group to study the history and culture of your area to produce the best design possible.

The Tallahassee Housing Authority is a quasi-governmental agency established in 1946 by State of Florida Statute 421.04 due to the shortage of decent, safe and sanitary housing and to provide persons of low-income affordable housing..more Both the Public Housing and Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) waiting lists are closed and THA is not accepting applications for these programs.