slot resident

Mike Mares’ attic doesn’t compare to most peoples’ attics.

Mares, a life-long Wilber resident, has had a love for slot cars as long as he can remember.

He got his first slot car race track when he was 10.

Slot cars are electric motor powered model cars that run on a slotted track with power going to each racer’s lane. Mares converted his attic into a space that highlights all things slot cars.

The attic also includes a room built to fit a large racing track that he built.

“It comes out in 4X8 sheets of half inch MDF and you start cutting it,” he said.

“Then you set up your router.”He said he’s always been inquisitive and loved learning how to build over the years. About 20 years ago, Mares and a friend did some research to find people who had commercial slot car tracks.

They were interested in finding other tracks across the state to race on.“I had already built my own track that was in my garage for a long time,” he said.

Mares said there is one track in Nebraska that has a store front where people can come and race.

Mares wanted to find additional tracks and other enthusiasts to race with.“There’s a track in Grand Island.

There’s mine and the guys in Omaha, there are probably four homes,” he said.

Mares remodeled his attic in 2008 to feature a full-sized track and his cars.