скачать игровые эмуляторы resident

As a resident, you are reliant on your residency program and its processes for education, training, reputation, income.

Your entire future and career may be made or broken during these years. You have agreed to enormous responsibilities and duties of work and learning during this time, and are bound to follow through in order to become board certified in your specialty.

Your residency program, its leadership and associated attendings, also have responsiblities to you.

While most programs and leadership are genuinely engaged in meeting their obligations and assisting you in becoming a safe and successful physician, there are too many out there that fall short.

What would you do if you recognized significant problems within your institution which could negatively affect your work, learning and future?

What would you do if the official channels for reporting problems, non-compliances and violations returned only resistance and hostility?

Or even marked you for retaliation, harassment or termination?

Perhaps you would start to inquire more deeply, go outside of the unresponsive official channels, look for allies in similar situations, drive transparency, and spread awareness in the hopes of encouraging compliance and change. witnessed or experienced abusive, demeaning or intimidating behavior from a physician or supervisor and felt powerless to report it, or much less, correct it? been less than truthful on ACGME or other surveys or in interviews for fear of retaliation, for fear that the truth would damage the program upon which you depend for your livelihood and future, or because you’ve been encouraged by an authority to misrepresent reality? been given an arbitrary, harmful and/or erroneous performance evaluation or disciplinary action for which there is no substantiation, but are powerless to counter? noticed a culture of hostility which interferes with the learning and working environment? found it extremely difficult to communicate information with an attending physician, or a person in a position of authority, because of an obvious disdain for you and your subordinate position in comparison with their air of elevated status – as if you were sub-human…

Especially in a way which might affect patient care? been blamed, mistreated, berated and/or embarrassed in a group setting for decisions and outcomes which were in no way yours?

Perhaps your attending made poor choices or has a marginal skill level, yet you are the one left to hang for it in M&M while the attending sits quietly or is conveniently absent? witnessed blatant violations of policy, protocols, guidelines or law (e.g.

ACGME, Joint Commission, institutional processes, HR, HIPAA, etc), found that no one seems to care, and that any mention of such an irregularity is summarily dismissed without acknowledgment? wondered about an attending’s or supervisor’s fitness (e.g.

Or worse, perhaps you are actively intimidated into silence? personality, skill, thought processes, teaching ability, qualifications, professionalism, etc. If any of this seems true to your situation, realize that it may be happening to others around you, as well,…