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Recently, I sent out this tweet that sparked some controversy within my relatively small follower base.

I know what you're thinking and yes, I have listened to"Lemonade" and "The Life of Pablo," but when selecting my personal nomination for the best album of all time I cannot ignore the timelessness of The Beatles. T., few will disagree with me–the honor has to go to The Beatles.

When it comes to vouching for an album as the true G. "Revolver" encapsulates a period of transition, coming out in 1966 and bridging the gap between their 1965 release of "Help! Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band." The album seems to seamlessly combine the quintessential sound of The Beatles' that rocketed them to mainstream popularity with the avante-garde twists (social critiques, existential lyricism, use of the sitar, backwards tracks, heavy symbolic imagery etc.) that would come to represent their later work.

"Revolver" presents to its audience a variety of tracks that come together naturally as a unified vision of what the music of The Beatles is, was, and will be "Taxman" is an absolutely iconic socioeconomic critiques.

If you don't shed a tear listening to "Eleanor Rigby" or "For No One" you have no heart.

"I'm Only Sleeping" should be everyone's dreamy, lazy Sunday anthem.

"Love You To," "Tomorrow Never Knows," "She Said She Said" and "Yellow Submarine" give us glimpses of the adventurous, kaleidoscopic, mind's-eye-stimulating tracks The Beatles will deliver down the road.

"Good Day Sunshine" is the best classic, feel-good jam to set as an alarm for any dreary day that comes your way."And Your Bird Can Sing" features one of the greatest guitar solos of all time amidst an incredible extended dual-guitar melody.

No drug dealer has gotten the VIP treatment quite like "Doctor Robert." And "Here, There And Everywhere," "Got to Get You Into My Life," and "I Want to Tell You" round out the album by providing us with the pop-y love songs that are so emblematic of the early Beatles' style.

And if you can't tell already, I just really like the whole album."Sgt.

Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" is undoubtedly a groundbreaking album. But can it really stand up to the levels of innovation, cultural relevance, popularity, and general incredibleness as we see in not only "Revolver" but also in other Beatles albums? This 1968 album is critically acclaimed and was released at #1 on the Billboard charts.

Its 1967 release ushered in a cultural shift not only affecting music but also language, fashion and the artistic mindset of the times. While the album may not be the most coherent or easy to listen to, the "White Album" is without a doubt interesting as a text given its smattering of attempted satire, the band's turbulent interpersonal relationships during its production, and the influence of The Beatles' recent meditation training in Rishikesh, India."Wild Honey Pie."Because one of my so-called friends suggested it on Twitter and because a Pitchfork contributor described it as The Beatles' "first undisputed masterpiece [...] their quietest and most folky record."It's honestly a good album, but an? "Rubber Soul" represents some of The Beatles' first forays away from pop and into a more grounded form of psychedelia, but that certainly doesn't make the album an automatic success.