онлайн казино открыть

May 23, 2016 Yan2295This is a translation of an article I originally posted on the GTANF Network. Although inaccessible, this casino is a key place in the story.

Here's a link to the original article in French: [DOSSIER] Le Casino de GTA Online; Ouvrira-t-il un jour? The famous GTA Online casino, that a large majority of players hope to see open one day, is still the topic of discussion of many GTA fans. Then, the 13 casinos in GTA San Andreas, all located in Las Venturas, 3 of them are accessible and offer players different gambling games; The Caligula's Palace, Casino Floor, and Four Dragon's Casino.

Although Rockstar never talked about it, some continue to be convinced that it will finally open its doors to the richest players. In GTA Liberty City Stories, 3 casinos are present, but none is open.

In GTA IV, only one casino to list, but this one is abandoned and in ruins; The Alderney casino.

And of course in GTA V, the Vinewood casino, completely inaccessible.

To summarize the situation, casinos are present in large numbers in the GTA series, some are even completely accessible and usable, so why not in GTA V?

As you probably know, the theme of GTA V and GTA Online is money. This would also be a good way to allow players to spend their hard-earned GTA$ in the now popular multiplayer mode, allowing Rockstar to sell more Shark Cards and make more profits.

Let's not forget the famous Opening Soon banner at the entrance of the casino. Micro-transactions in GTA Online allow players to exchange real money against virtual money.

With all these evidences, it's easy to understand why so many people hope and believe that the casino will open one day. Giving players the opportunity to bet that money would be considered as an online lottery in the eyes of the law in many countries, not to mention the fact that many players are of minor age, making everything illegal in many places.

The US legislation on this is also completely different from one State to another, making the legal side of the casino too complicated to manage, forcing Rockstar to abandon the project, while its development was already partly started.

This also explains the files related to the casino found in the game files.

The Opening Soon banner was placed on the building just because Rockstar planned to open it to the players one day, something that is unfortunately not going to happen.