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Behind the wide moat and the metre-thick walls, you will find Denmark’s most beautiful renaissance castle with the scariest ghost stories and finest private art collection.

The story of the domineering lady of the manor Ingeborg Skeel from 1580 will send shivers down the spines of the young and old alike.

Perhaps you will catch a glimpse of her in the barrel-vaulted cellars or high up in the tower room.

Enjoy a history-steeped day with the whole family and discover all the amazing stories it has to tell.

Venture down into the dungeon, meet the ghosts and find the bloodstain which cannot be washed off.

Experience a wonderful world of priceless art treasures and royal antiques.

Step into the medieval swarm of footmen, maids, monks, soldiers, craftsmen and tradespeople at the fun Medieval Days at Voergaard Slot.

When you visit Voergaard, you will meet a rich treasure trove, which opens up to reveal an entire storybook.

Yggdrasil table games, starting with multiplayer Blackjack, are set to break new ground in online casino gaming.

Players will enter an immersive 3D casino world where they can interact with motion captured dealers.

A number of dealers will be released, the first named Sonya.

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