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Is more than mere selection of lots and the drawing of a set of plans.

It involves not only the right business model but also more importantly, its success is drawn in the vision that guides the builders tools be it a pencil or a hammer.

With the winning bid Wednesday for Pennsylvania’s first mini-casino license, a Harrisburg-area casino operator sought to maintain its grip on that region’s gamblers — even as it argues in federal court that the entire concept of mini-casinos should be thrown out the window.

Mountainview Thoroughbred Racing Association LLC, a subsidiary of Penn National Gaming and operator of Hollywood Casino in Grantville, bid a whopping $50.1 million at an auction in Harrisburg.

It chose an area of York County about an hour from Hollywood in which to place a potential mini-casino, blocking off that area to competitors.

In doing so, the company signaled its anxiety to retain its market and desire to solidify its dominance in central Pennsylvania.

“We were really looking at this from one eye on defense, one eye on offense,” said Eric Schippers, senior vice president for public affairs at Penn National Gaming.

“In terms of defense, we looked at, were a competitor to come into that area, it would have caused significant cannibalization of our business.

In terms of offense, we looked at where could we drive incremental value for our shareholders.” The owner of Hollywood Casino won an auction for the right to build the first mini-casino in Pennsylvania.

The new gaming hall must be built within a 15-mile radius of Yoe, which creates an area that includes 27 municipalities, in whole or in part, that chose not to prohibit the operation of a mini-casino.