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Every game starts with a hug, making what comes next all the more cruel.

Paul George and De Mar De Rozan go way back, to their high school days in Southern California, and they hug before every game in this first-round playoff series between George’s Pacers and De Rozan’s Raptors.

And then the game starts and George squeezes De Rozan even tighter, suffocating him, forcing him out of his game and sometimes out of game.

They are their teams’ leading scorers and leading men, but this series is close because this matchup is not. What we’re seeing is the difference between a superstar and a garden-variety star.

There are very few of the former, maybe 10 in the NBA, maybe fewer, but Paul George absolutely is one. Not when he’s matched up with a superior species of basketball player.

He scores at a high level and defends at a higher level, exposing De Rozan — in the final year of his contract, destined for a max contract this offseason — as the latter. Thing is, De Rozan is one of the nicest stars in the NBA.

He is shy and unselfish, standing and cheering on his team in the fourth quarter of Game 2; he’d been benched because the team was taking off without him on the court to screw it up.

He is completely without guile, cutting his toenails in front of the media after Game 4 and then scraping the clippings off the floor so the locker room attendant at Bankers Life Fieldhouse wouldn’t have to deal with them.