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School of the Spirit To provide a spiritual environment where students can receive and learn to move in the gifts and ministries of the Holy Spirit - not merely learning about Him, but cultivating a relationship with Him.

School of the Word To provide an academic environment where students will be thoroughly taught the word of God.

School of Prayer To provide a strong emphasis on cultivating a relationship and walk with the Lord Jesus Christ through the development of a personal life of prayer, intercession and learning to hear from God.

School of Missions To impart a "world vision" and burden for the Lord's work around the world.

School of Practical Ministry To provide opportunities for practical ministry within the school, within our local churches and on the foreign field thus balancing the "spiritual and practical" aspects of Ministry.

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When Paula Clapp was presented with the opportunity to invest in a film called SOLD about sex trafficking of children in Nepal and India, her eyes were opened to an entire underworld—not only globally, but at home as well.

“I learned that there are currently between 300 and 500 prostituted youth in Seattle/King County,” she says.

Unwilling to turn her back on children who had no voice and whose freedom had been stolen, Paula acted quickly, getting together with the nine other women who had invested in SOLD to form Stolen Youth, an organization that could help protect exploited youth in the Seattle area.

Born and raised in Washington state, Paula first came to understand injustice when her parents took her to Mexico.

She says, “I was exposed to the smell of poverty…burning garbage and people begging on the streets.

That trip was one of the greatest teaching moments in my life, and I experienced an awakening in me to be aware and present to the suffering of others.” In her late 30s, as a single mother of three, Paula’s desire to create positive change in the world inspired her to take up study at Antioch University.