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In my last article for i GB Affiliate, I discussed the pros and cons of setting up your own white label casino.

This time I want to talk about some of my own experiences and the financials involved in setting up my/your own white label casino.

Some history I’ve been working within casino marketing for many years and I’ve always thought it would be great to build a truly scalable business around something I know a lot about.

Fortunately, Tom Finlayson my CTO and Aferdita Pacrami the CEO of my digital marketing agency felt the same, so we started our first white label brand, Oshi.

History tells us that it’s always good to pick a niche and work your way from there.

Having looked at the growth of bitcoin and the relative freedoms it gives consumers within i Gaming, I figured that would be a good place to start and so I decided to work with Soft Swiss as the provider and was born. I make calculated decisions based on a manageable downside and a substantial upside.

From there, we set up Tyche i Gaming to act as a framework for building out more brands and reselling white label services. I’m lucky in the sense that I’ve been on the i Gaming scene for years, and know my way around.

When I started Oshi, I said to myself it would be five years of hard grind to get this thing really working.

So far, we’re ahead of schedule and everything is moving along well, but it didn’t turn out as expected.

The fairytale Do some searches for ‘white label casino’ and you’ll get lots of sites telling you how easy it is to get everything set up, do your marketing and off you go.

One site had a small on-site calculator giving these numbers, assuming a Curaçao licence (which I have) and 2,500 estimated users in Year 1 targeting Europe.

The reality But the truth is, it’s a competitive market with hundreds of cookie-cutter ‘same as’ casinos, and users want something different and better.