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On the fabled football league coming down the pipeline early this year.

Headed by Vince Mc Mahon, and fashioned after his WWE outfit, the XFL was of course a huge flop on just about every front when it debuted in 2001.

It lost $50 million, was named the third-worst TV show of all time by TV Guide, and was the subject of widespread ridicule just about everywhere it went.

From the cover of Sports Illustrated to the couch on “The Simpsons,” the XFL was never really taken seriously.

Although the league may have lasted for just one season, its legacy continues to live on—through its website, which is inexplicably somehow still in existence.

While the site is no longer updated and acknowledges the league's demise, it remains largely untouched from the era of XFL play.

Scavenging through this site is kind of like exploring a vacant Blockbuster that still had all of its VHS tapes and Nintendo 64 games.

Only instead of VHS tapes and Nintendo 64 games, it features bad football and hilarious original content.

If you haven’t gone on the XFL’s website, trust me: You’re not missing much.

But there were some things on there that are funny in retrospect, and couldn't help but remind us of how crazy and over the top and ridiculous the league was during that one season.

So here's a refresher for all you closet XFL fans who rooted like crazy for He Hate Me, Deathblow, and a cast of thousands that are now largely forgotten.

Sixteen different sports were featured in Barcelona, with athletics having the largest number of entries.