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The transformation of Turning Stone Resort Casino into a holiday phenomenon involves a collaborative effort utilizing the expertise of employees from nearly all departments throughout the resort – including facilities, culinary, grounds and security.

No small investment of time by the holiday helpers The resort becomes a luxurious winter wonderland with more than 1.5 million white and multi-colored LED lights and 370 ft.

Of decorated trees standing at focal points throughout the casino, including all entrances and in the Great Room at the Forbes Four Star Lodge hotel.

All natural trees on the grounds are wrapped and lit, wreaths stand as high as 17-feet and massive red glitter glaze ornaments hang from the ceiling at Exit 33.

High atop the clubhouse roof at Shenendoah, a 7-foot-tall Santa can be seen “sneaking” into the chimney.

This time of year, the members of the pastry team at Turning Stone Resort Casino are treated like local celebrities.

Anytime they are near the beloved creation, spread out in the Winter garden at the Resort, they get praise, questions and compliments –even high-fives.

The talented pastry team, led by , who graduated from Le Cordon Bleu in Los Angeles.

“It’s nice to see the appreciation, people love the village,” said Carmen, who returned to work at Turning Stone to be near family in Syracuse, and because she loves being part of the team.

And you can bet they all have their favorite piece of the village (typically, the portion they helped create) as well as their favorite candy – Reese’s, Rolos and Hershey’s to name a few.

“The holiday-mix Nerds rope is fun to work with,” said helped create the farm house, working to help create 7,000 custom crafted stones out of black and white fondant.

“Each one is different,” said Emily, who said the best part of working on the Gingerbread Village is the team, “I call them my sisters,” as most of this year’s team is women.