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Log-in to create your own profile and join the forum. All Trademarks are the property of respective owners. Who can tell me from which country the Snakes and Ladders game originated? If your status was Gold, what would be your Store Bonus multiplier? Leave your answer here and collect these shiny ✨ FREE COINS ✨ ~Lucy On this Presidents Day, let’s reflect on the past leaders… Check the RULES section of your Album for more information. Make sure you take advantage of all the chances to win big!

Club our members share free bonus, tips, guides & valid cheats or tricks if found working. Club is a Fan Site and is not endorsed by or affiliated by Slotomania Slot Machines. Comment below with A, B or C and collect 😵FREE COINS😵 AXKq I ~Lucy Status Boost Trivia time! CG Now it is your turn, who will you be kind to today? Check out our latest game – PEACOCK PALACE – Open to All! Shake your tail feathers and spin with 🌟 FREE COINS 🌟 Vj ~Lucy Participating in special promotions Remember that Ace Cards can only be earned by completing certain challenges. I'm SO excited and can't wait to reveal it all to you... Stay tuned with 💥FREE COINS💥 ~Lucy Hey Spinners Watch the clock ‘cos Super Sized Safety Net is drawing to a close…

If you love this game, support it by purchasing premium items in the game or follow the official Slotomania Slot Machines social media channels. You can win a huge Coin Prize a Sloto Cards Package! A) United States B) India C) China D) Russia Leave your answer in the comments below! A) X2 B) X3 C) X4 D) There is no Store Bonus for Gold Leave your answer in the comments and collect ️🥇FREE COINS️🥇 ~Lucy Hey spinners! Name your top 3 leaders of the USA, who did it best? Ok, I added that last one myself 😊 Leave your answer in the comments and pick up 😄 FREE COINS 😄 ~Lucy Today is National Random Acts of Kindness! Good luck and enjoy the magic of the 2018 Collection with 💰FREE COINS 💰 Lc Hg ~Lucy Sloto Cards takes you out of the virtual and into the REAL WORLD – With amazing Real-Life Prizes! Make any purchase to be eligible to win 100% back from all your losses – You will also get Supe Raffle tickets to be in the running to be a Trillionaire! Collect ✨10,000 FREE COINS ✨ Z45k and dominate the Sloto Quest! Make any in game purchase to be in the running – You will also get Supe Raffle tickets and could end up a Trillionaire! Get going with 🎰FREE COINS 🎰 Fv Xk ~Lucy Good news spinners! We have 10,000 shiny ⭐ FREE COINS ⭐ O8z5 waiting for you!

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Help players by posting about this topics on Slotomania Slot Machines Game Post section. Also, today Clubbers get to experience our latest game – Chili Ca$h Free games with High Paying Symbols and the Coin Grab Feature! Join the Club with more 🌶FREE COINS 🌶 and enjoy  Oo Yds ~Lucy OK people, time to Spot the Difference for 🕵️ FREE COINS! Originating in Mexico, chilies are widely used in many cuisines to add spiciness. So pick up these 🍧 FREE COINS 🍧 U2 to get spinning and winning! 😸 ZS3k ~Lucy PS: The previous Trivia answer was A) 49.3 Feet! ) to get a 5 Star Ace when you rank in the top 500! Make any purchase today and we’ll SUPERSIZE your wins! ~Lucy It’s almost time to wrap up the Peacock Palace Challenge – Hit a Major Jackpot or better in a single spin to win X77 your Total Bet! Start your 2018 collection with 🎬FREE COINS 🎬 Twp Y ~Lucy Hey spinners! It is the first of 4 amazing albums to come out this year – Smaller albums make them easier to complete… Aa Show your love in the comments below and tag your beloved! And yes, if you complete the Quest more than once, you can choose more Cards.

🕵️ You spend enough time avoiding them, now tell me which one stands out here! What is the length of the world’s longest wooden ladder on record? However today, China is the world’s largest producer of green chilies! Get spicy hot with 🔥FREE COINS 🔥 Ix ~Lucy Snakes & Ladders Royale rolls on! ~Lucy OK, so only one of these paths leads to the golden kitty cat…. Chase the Ace with 10,000 🍫 FREE COINS 🍫 for extra good luck! So, pick up these 🚀 FREE COINS 🚀 and let’s go SUPERSIZE! Get spinning with 💫 FREE COINS 💫 S ~Lucy While we appreciate the sheer beauty of Peacock Palace… And you have a chance to win REAL prizes this time! Also, Supe Raffle has daily draws so you have a chance to become an instant Trillionaire!

Leave your guess below in the comments and collect! A) 41.16 Meters B) 116.22 Meters C) 26.09 Meters Here’s a hint: It had 120 rungs. En P In addition, Let's have a Super Ace Tournament! Take a look with ⛄FREE COINS ⛄ Ys Z ~Lucy It’s an exciting day here! Get your tickets to the daily Supe Raffle with any purchase in the game. ~Lucy Guess who’s back in town, spinners of the world – It’s Spinner Winner!

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Peacock Palace comes with Multiple Jackpots in one spin! We are really excited about the Collection and hope you enjoy it!