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Turn points into cash prizes with Unibet’s November Sit & Go Battle by ranking in our four weekly leaderboards.

You can earn points across all stakes at 2 Seat and 5 Seat SNG tables.

A multiplier will be applied to your points depending on the stake you earn achievements at, and certain achievements can be completed once per day, once per race or an unlimited number of times.

Anyone who has played online poker even just a little knows about the popular "sit & go" tournament format.

Rather than go off at a particular time, Sit & Go tournaments (SNGs) begin once enough players have registered to fill all the seats — first you "sit," and then you "go." The sit & go is a favorite format for those who enjoy tournament poker but don't always have hours on end to devote to multi-table tournaments.

For those who enjoy SNGs and want to improve their results in them — or even if you're brand new to the format — here's a series of articles providing tips for how best to approach a sit & go and start winning some real money in them.

In this series we'll be focusing primarily on online poker sit & go format, although a lot of the discussion and advice will apply to similar formats such as live one-table satellites.

Also worth pointing out — for the most part we'll be concentrating on the very popular, "standard" single-table SNGs in which nine players begin and the top three finishers make the money (with 50/30/20 percent payouts).

There are a wide variety of multi-table sit & go tournaments available for those playing online poker, too, from two- and three-tables up to the 180-player SNGs on Poker Stars (for example) that can take quite a while to complete.

While some of the same strategies we'll be covering for single-table SNGs apply to those formats, multi-table SNGs additionally involve other strategies from multi-table tournaments, in particular the different "early," middle" and "late" stage strategies discussed in our 10 Multi-Table Tournament Tips series of articles.

Also, in multi-table SNGs, more than three spots pay — for example, in a 180-man SNG on Poker Stars, the top 27 finishers divide the prize pool.

That fact alone obviously alters players' strategic approach significantly.