казино playtech онлайн

Playtech is one of the leading technological firms in the online gambling space and markets itself as the world’s largest supplier of online gaming and sports betting software.

Founded in 1999, Playtech has been responsible for several landmark firsts during their existence – the first European casino to shift online was powered by their platform and they've led the charge with live casino gaming over the last number of years.

Playtechs’ approach is to provide an intelligently designed, multi-platform offering that's perfect for today's multi-device world.

It gives players the ability to seamlessly use one account across a full range of supported devices.

For example, they can start a game inside a land-based casino, continue on their mobile device as they leave, and finally complete the game on their own computers at home should they choose.

It's precisely this level of adaptability and customization that's resulted in Playtech software powering more casinos worldwide than any other provider.

That success has been reflected in Playtech's financial performance.

The company employs over 3,500 people and is rare amongst casino software suppliers in being publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange and being a member of the FTSE 250 Index which provides a level of corporate oversight and transparency few others in the industry can match.

Online casinos are typically run by major gambling concerns such as Ladbrokes but they rarely provide their own technical solutions for implementing games.

Although each casino will differ in appearance with branding and graphics and so on depending on the operator’s requirements, the games themselves – the user interface and the chat systems etc.

– are more or less the same for all online casinos running on a specific software.

Playtech is widely known for its innovative i Poker platform which enables players to interact and play games together regardless of which casino operator they are using – the same tables are offered through all providers who offer the games.