казино олимпик рига

Casino gambling, online gambling and lotteries are all legal in Latvia.

For a country as small as Latvia is, it houses an impressive number of casinos.

Some of these Latvian casinos are businesses with a few slot machines, while others offer both slots and the most popular table games in the world.

A surprising number of casinos in Latvia offer Texas Holdem tables, and one or two even offer games of Omaha.

About two-thirds of the gambling houses in Latvia are found in the capital city of Riga.

Most Latvian casinos include only slot machines and appeal to tourists and visitors looking to fill a couple of hours. I included a separate list of casinos in Riga, so readers would find them easily.

Once again, many of these casinos simply have slot machines, though a larger percentage of Riga casinos offer table games, including many different variations of poker.

Below are the thirty-two casinos currently found in Riga.

The National Lottery of Latvia is controlled by Latvijas Lotto, whose website can be found at

Latvijas Lotto has been around since 1972, well back into the days that Latvia was part of the Soviet Union.

From 1972 to 1993, though, Latvijas Loto was only a part of Sojuzsportloto, and helped organize smaller lotteries like the Sportloto and the Sprints instant lotteries.

In 1993, Latvijas Lotto held the first truly national Latvian National Lottery.