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This is probably the most beloved casino amongst everyone I've played with, even though it's so simple.

Before the gambit starts, you find the Joker in the deck, then make sure it's one of the initial three community cards (the "Splash"). This casino lets everyone draw a card, then discard a card after the normal snack phase during the Splash, and then again after the snack phase during the Paws.

There's a fun factor in all the versatility in making hands the Joker brings. Everyone is a bit more likely to make a difficult hand here. Players normally get to do up to 2 abilities, but here you can do 3.

There's a lot of different things that happen because of this.

Some players go for an even more difficult hand than usual and then use their extra ability to draw a card to try to hit that hand.

The Raise ability is really powerful in Pandante though. It's always great to look at a card from another player's hand, and you're more likely to be able to fit that into your plan at the Triple Play Parlor. It's good to keep things simple so that even non-gamers can understand what's going on.

One of the reasons you don't raise all the time is you're just so constrained by having only 2 abilities. I want to show you one of the more complex casinos too though.

There are usually 6 abilities to choose from during the ability phase and you can do up to two of them, including the same one twice if you want.

At the Oracle's Dreamery, there's 2 new abilities, so you have 8 to choose from in total. If you do Rearrange, then Draw, that lets you get the best of 3 cards when a simple Draw, Draw would have only let you see 2 cards. You'll choose which of 3 cards you want to add to the community cards, rather than only getting 2 options with Add, then Add.

Furthermore, Rearrange then Add or Draw is better Draw Draw and Add Add for another reason: you get to see all three cards before you make your decision of which one you want.

The normal way to do things means you have to decide each action as you go.

You also end up knowing the top TWO cards of the deck.