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Nearly 100 years after its creation, the power of the U. See full summary » After the Chicago Cubs blow an opportunity to reach the World Series in 2003, Cubs fans blame the team's misfortune on fellow fan Steve Bartman, who interfered with a foul ball and prevented Moises Alou from making a catch.

Markets and governments around the world hold their breath in anticipation of the Fed ...

For three weeks in September 2008, one person was charged with preventing the collapse of the global economy.

No one understood the financial markets better than Hank Paulson, the former ...

See full summary » The dramatic cinema movie Casino Jack (2010) and the feature film documentary Casino Jack and the United States of Money (2010), which were both pictures about the same subject, both actually debuted and premiered in the same year of 2010.

See more » DREAM Written by Johnny Mercer Published by WB Music Corp.

Performed by Vera Lynn and The Roland Shaw Orchestra Courtesy of Decca Music Group Limited Under license from Universal Music Enterprises See more » When mega-lobbyist Jack Abramoff was sentenced to jail in early 2006, he was seen as the personification of corruption, along with Tom De Lay and Bob Ney.

But as "Casino Jack and the United States of Money" shows, Abramoff and the individuals associated with him were just the tip of the iceberg.

Alex Gibney's documentary takes the same approach to its topic that his previous documentary "Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room" does, looking at the roots of the main character, and how deregulation led to the culmination.

I had read in Al Franken's book "The Truth with Jokes" about Abramoff's fleecing of the Tigua Indians and De Lay's promotion of the Mariana Islands to hide the garment industry's sweatshops there.

The documentary looks at those, and goes a little further into Abramoff's role in the college Republicans, alliance with Angolan autocrat Jonas Savimbi, and more.

One of the most important points is how Abramoff and Ralph Reed used religious fundamentalism, specifically how Reed was making large sums of money through links to Indian casinos while pontificating against gambling.