казино лисбоа

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, Alex Zhang Hungtai’s Dirty Beaches project pushes its combination of tense lo-fi noise and sweaty rockabilly beyond its logical conclusion, laying on the bad vibes incredibly thick.

And the group’s new video for the knife-edge throb “Casino Lisboa” has its own dark glamor to it.

The video was shot in some Asian metropolis (Bangkok, I’m thinking), and it mixes footage of the Dirty Beaches live show with images of local breakdancers, strippers, and Muay Thai fighters.

Located on the Avenida Doutor Mario Soares, Casino Lisboa is one of the landmarks of Macau.

The casino is famous for its variety of gambling games, unique design, exquisite decorations, and sound facilities.

It attracts a great number of gamblers and visitors from all over the world. Tourists and gamblers will feel threatened when seeing it, so they prefer to enter the casino through the side left door.

Moreover, it is known as Oriental Las Vegas or Monte Carlo of the East. The main gate is located at the junction of Avenida do Infante D. On the ceiling of the lobby is painted a Portuguese-style boat confronting a strong storm.

Casino Lisboa is a three-storey round building in the charge of He Hongshen, the Macau casino tycoon. Casino Lisboa is luxuriously furnished with valuable treasures and curiosities, which fascinates tourists a lot.

Dozens of desks are distributed around the lobby and slot machines are put at four corners.