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is dedicated to setting the highest standard of excellence that is attainable.

For over 30 years we have solved customers' unique needs and turned labeling ideas into reality.

As the market advanced throughout the years, we have adjusted our capabilities and procedures according to the needs within the labeling industry.

Our commitment to continuous improvement has enabled us to quickly adapt to the fast paced market and the changes to customer requirements.

Our customer service team, are trained experts with a passion for the labeling industry.

We listen to your business needs, think about your strategic position and offer multiple solutions to move your brand and your business forward.

If you have questions about the initial process of ordering labels, a new project, artwork or what type of materials (paper, film, tag, ect.) to use for your application, we are here to assist.

We truly enjoy working on new projects, going out a bit further or simply trying something a little different.

Give us a call and discover what our customers' have experienced for years, experienced driven professionals with a desire to bring your packaging product to the next level.

This tree in Colorado Like American elm, English elm is a tree that continues to grace the streets and avenues of our cities and towns.

Its characteristic formal oval-shaped crown and dark green foliage make it one of the finest street trees around. However, good sanitation practices now make it worth attempting to grow this elm once again in our parks and along our streets. Widely planted since colonial times and escaping in northeastern and Pacific states.

Hardiness A wide range of soil and temperature tolerance. Prefers moist soil locations, however hardy and tolerant of city smoke. Broadly elliptical, abruptly long-pointed at tip; base with very unequal sides; doubly saw-toothed.