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It’s off Highway 70 about a hundred yards to the east of the turnoff into Blairsden. complete with full kitchen and community BBQs where the men hang out, smoke cigars, drink beer and discuss meat. For someone who is terrified of sharks (have I told you my parents took me to see Jaws at age 3 IN THE MOVIE THEATRE! No slides (except in the baby pool) or any of the fancy stuff pools have now a days but the kids didn’t mind at all. ) Tubing the irrigation ditches: This did not sound that great to me when we signed up. A travel agent booked our flight from Dallas to Italy putting two of us in the exit row. Turns out our kids need an audience of at least one parent in order to fight.

Had you told me that during the last time they raced, I would have said, “Oh neat. But unlike the bakery, which is right on mainstreet, the brewery is a bit harder to find. It was earthy and herby and finished off with a hint of oregano. The IPAs, which is my favorite type of beer, were all fantastic. We recently stayed at the Marriott Beach Club in Lihue… And the cove has a pier at the end of it, making the opening of the cove much smaller. Sharks would never come into such a small opening to swim in a cove they know has only one exit. I had to constantly remind myself of this while Domi and I took surf lessons. Circular in shape with 5 hot tubs right inside the pool. And when we arrived in Europe, I actually missed the little buggers. I have a big city job anchoring the 5 o’clock news but come home to the country where my husband’s family has ranched for 5 generations.

And the weekend was so great, so easy and so totally doable, I wanted to share it with you all so you can do it too. You then drive to Walnut Creek (2 1/2 more hours) where you are staying at the Embassy Suites. Mud on shoes, dirt like warpaint on your face, fingernails black. It’s Blairsden’s (about 70 minutes outside of reno) newest gem. On our stop, one of them tasted like a bite of pizza! But most, just sit at the picnic tables enjoying the beer. Grab enough of those for your party, head back to the brewery ( a 2 minute drive) and enjoy your afternoon. There’s one single key to enjoying eating out in Hawaii. Honestly, food is so expensive in Hawaii you can’t afford to eat out three meals a day every day for a week. So thanks to a booking error by our travel agent, I will never fly with my children again… Follow @wendydamonte I was born in San Francisco and ended up marrying a rancher in Reno, Nevada.

Darrin was out of town and we didn’t have any plans so I put everyone in the car and just drove. It’s fabulous and a perfect potty stop to make sure you make it the rest of the way. Now, I say dirty, because the beer only tastes sinfully good to me after a trail run, mountain bike ride or any other outdoor activity where you finish back at the car filthy. So imagine my pure pleasure when Darrin and I discovered The Brewing Lair. It’s a self guided tour that takes you around the property as you sip on 5 different beers Rich is highlighting. Eva and Domi love slack lines and sure enough, The Brewing Lair has one. The property expands into the timber so there’s plenty of land to explore. So here’s your plan the next time you head up to the Graelge area. On the left, there’s a new food truck (I’m guessing during summer only) that has great pulled pork sandwiches.

It was a fluke that I took the kids down to San Francisco. Grab a coffee and pastry at The Coffee Bar at 10120 Jibboom Street. And hopefully, just hopefully, Oracle Team USA will decide to host the American’s Cup in San Francisco the next go around! One of life’s greatest pleasures, ok maybe I just see it this way, is having an ice cold beer after a dirty workout. The conditioning tanks line the walls, beermaster Rich never stops moving as he does everything from pouring beers to washing the glasses, and then there’s the tour. And Rich even thought of things for the kids to do.

And let me tell you what…nothing’s better than cheering for America! Even without the American’s Cup, San Francisco is fun to hang out in for a few hours and now that I’ve given you a glimpse of the town I grew up in, I hope you go check out Walnut Creek too. A frizbe, or the cool cats call it disc, golf course.

Walnut Creek is now known as the Rodeo Drive of the north. Really, a perfect get away for a family or just you and your honey.

Once on the train, you will go through a long tunnel (which is actually the train going under the water of the bay… Get off at Powell if you want Union Square and SF shopping. meeting the teammates for both New Zealand and Team USA…. After a stop at Ikeda’s in Auburn, we got home at .

It looks like this: You can also figure out how much your BART fare will be here most places in SF from Pleasant Hill it’s $10 round trip per person. It also is your stop for Pier 39 if that’s your style. After that, we caught BART, now heading toward Pittsburg/Bay Point, got off at Pleasant Hill and picked up our car and headed east to Reno.

Enjoy Lark Creek for dinner ( And if you want to check out one of my favorite hangouts for cocktailing stop by Crogan’s ( After a fun night on the town in WC, you’ll head back to Embassy Suites (about 2 miles outside of downtown WC) where you are perfectly situated to catch BART in the morning. The train schedule is online at are actually at the Pleasant Hill Station. This took us to the piers where the America’s Cup was happening.

truly, the list goes on (except for Justice which I think is totally weird and my 9-year-old daughter thinks is totally ridiculous! Just drive down Main Street and pick the one that looks good to you. If you want old school Walnut Creek, eat at Sunrise Bistro for breakfast (

There are more restaurants in Walnut Creek than there are bars in San Sebastián, Spain.