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Here at Osiris Casino, we have players of all types.

Some like to play for free, others insist on playing only for real money.

One thing is certain – more people should take that step from only playing for free to playing for real, at least a few times per month.

Read more about the advantages of playing for real money.

There are two ways you can play online casino games.

You may play the standard way using real money, or you play just for fun in free mode.

In free mode, you can play as much as you like but you cannot win real money.

Everything you win in a free game is just a bunch of numbers on a screen and will never return to you like real money.

Many players only play casino games without depositing money; they choose to test out games in the money-free 'Fun Mode' until they get used to the software and find the games they like.

Only then do they deposit money and play for real money wins.

When you play for real, you pay for all bets with the advantage of being able to win real money.

All prizes you win in a game will be debited directly to your Osiris Casino account.