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If you’ve ever bet on anything, you know that the thrill is in the anticipation. We watch as the roulette wheel continues to turn, and we hold our breath to see where it might stop.

Will I win big this time or will my act of chance be a miss? We created a spot for Betfair that captures this feeling like never before.

We see the backs of what could be winning cards, but they don’t flip over.

We gaze as the dice are caught in mid-air and we almost don’t want them to land because we want them to hold onto this “What if?

” To capture this feeling of being “ready” we had to use a T-Rex periscope lens to get into the tightest spaces imaginable and make every card throw, ball bounce or dice look completely epic.

The entire spot was shot in one day and we had to make sure we covered off on everything to make sure we could truly convey the emotion.

Betfair are one of our favourite casinos here at Roulette and they’re a favourite of many of our readers as well.

One of the reasons why they’re so popular with roulette players are the table limits which are 10p – £5,000 for the regular games and 10p – £2,000 on live games.

They’re the best casino for Red/Black betting due to these flexible table limits.

Couple that with the fast cash out times (less than 12 hours), the world class sports betting exchange and poker rooms which are all accessed from the same account and you have one of the best casinos on the Internet. Betfair employ over 1800 people in 15 offices around the globe and everyday, over 7 million transactions are made on their betting exchange alone.

Needless to say, they have their own in house customer support teams and as pointed out, winning players are always paid within 12 hours with no BS.

They accept numerous payment methods, including Pay Pal.