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Bucharest - the city with unusual architecture and picturesque boulevards.

In the 80th years in Bucharest construction boiled, but the city remained such, shady and pleasant, with numerous street cafes.

In the capital of Romania traditions of the West and the East thanks to what in the city there is a unique color mixed up.

Bustling streets adjoin here with silent, and huge monumental buildings - to picturesque romantic gardens.

In Bucharest the palace of the XV century, characteristic buildings of later time and, of course, architecture of a communistic era remained.

In Bucharest there is grandiose, a palace of Parliament which in the people call "Ceausescu palace".

After overthrow of the dictator, the palace occupies the Romanian parliament. The palace is really huge: on the area it takes the second place in the world (the first place belongs to the Pentagon building).

Among the woods and lakes orthodox monasteries and palaces of the Romanian boyars settled down.

If there is a desire to stay in the atmosphere of deep old times, to hear ancient legends, it is possible to visit the monasteries Bilberry and especially Snagov where, on a legend, count Dracula is buried.