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The huge explosion in online casinos over the last ten years means it’s never been easier to enjoy gambling whether you’re at home or on the move.

Whether poker, roulette or blackjack are your game, you’ll be able to find some action to suit.

Funding your casino account is also incredibly simple today.

Gone are the days when you had to worry about complex ways of moving funds in or out of your casino account or waiting on endless delays at either end.

Simply select the credit card of your choice and the vast majority of transactions are simple and straightforward.

In this article we’ll be covering one of the most popular credit cards out there – Amex (or American Express as many of you will be familiar with it). It’s part of the exclusive list of thirty companies that comprise the Dow Jones Industrial Average and has been ranked as high as the 14th most valuable brand in the world.

More specifically, we’ll be looking at how to go about finding an online casino accepting Amex. You’re in pretty safe hands with Amex in other words.

Though the company is involved in many different areas, it’s for their credit card offerings that they’re of course best known.

Amex are very much part of the Big Three when it comes to credit cards and their cards are responsible for roughly a quarter of all credit card transactions in America alone, and over 109.9 million cards in circulation.

After decades of dominance, Amex cards have faced much more serious competition from the likes of Visa and Mastercard in recent years but they are still one of the best options to consider in terms of credit cards and accepted worldwide.

Let’s move on to what to keep an eye out for in terms of using Amex cards in online casinos.

Amex cards bring their own specific advantages with them but many of the things to look out for in online casinos in terms of their use are general factors.