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As contractors, we deal with many types of resources.

Though all of them are important – equipment, vehicles, supplies, money, and time – we owe our success to the integrity and dedication of our people, their professionalism and attention to safety and quality.

Having the right people, in the right place, at the right time, who are knowledgeable in a given area of expertise, willing to learn, and innovative in their approach, is what will make or break any company. We build for our clients; we build for our Partners; and we build for each other. Chairman “Our future lies within the culture of our organization and in each and every individual.

It is based upon seizing dreams and opportunities and turning them into realities.

We are doing things today that we only dreamed of in the not-too-distant past." View Full Bio Vice President & Operations Manager “Our people are unique: they have the right attitude, knowledge and culture to take on the challenges posed by the type and location of the work we perform.

They thrive on working with project owners that have a desire and attitude to be involved in the process.

It is amazing what our people can do.” View Full Bio Vice President & Operations Manager “I enjoy the complicated, messy, problematic nature of our industry and working as a part of a team to devise solutions, whether a day’s challenge is geotechnical, weather, materials, or stakeholder related.

Each day presents a new puzzle to solve with people I enjoy and respect.” View Full Bio Vice President & Operations Manager “I’ve found that Barnard is a company where hard work, dedication and experience are recognized and rewarded with greater responsibility and personal growth.

Our work is as complex, unique and challenging as any in the industry, which is why I love what we do.” View Full Bio Vice President & Operations Manager “Barnard has a culture that develops and encourages hard work and innovation, and also provides us with the opportunity to apply these traits to the most challenging projects.

It’s a combination that has produced an organization of extraordinary and talented individuals who I respect and appreciate working with every day.” View Full Bio Vice President & Operations Manager “Barnard’s unique culture and opportunity for rapid growth attract hard-working, motivated people.

It’s these people that allow us to construct some of the most challenging and rewarding projects in our industry while still maintaining a ‘smaller’ company feel.” View Full Bio Vice President & Operations Manager "Barnard is a Company that is highly respected by Owners, Engineers, Subcontractors and our Peers.

This respect comes from our exceptional performance on unique and challenging projects while treating all stakeholders with respect and honesty.