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This is truly the NFL’s only historic gem, the only one that would appear on a sports bucket list.

All the other stadiums are either new or concrete bowls from the 70s that have concourses as narrow as Aaron Rodgers’ passing lanes.

There’s really nothing more exciting to an NFL fan than hearing “January game at Lambeau.” Also, as an aside: Green Bay has just 25,000 more residents than that capacity of Lambeau Field, which — mind blown.

For $1.3 billion there better be fifties under every seat, amirite?

But Jerry Jones got his wish and AT&T Stadium is the crown jewel of NFL stadiums.

The scoreboard lives up to the hype and the tunnel the team comes out of is a great, NBA-style idea more teams should adopt. Whereas our next stadium uses modern trickery to get loud, this one just rocks.

Some of the greatest Monday night games were at Arrowhead during that brief Montana era.

The Seahawks stadium is relatively small — tied for 24th in the NFL.