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In Florida, homeowners insurance is a very important aspect of home ownership.

Making sure your home is insured means protecting both you and your family from devastating losses.

And making sure your home is insured through The Ormond Agency means a peace of mind knowing you got the best insurance plan possible.

Our FL homeowners insurance policies are designed to cover the structure of your home and includes protection for personal property and liability coverages.

We only work with responsible clients and this fiscal responsibility reflects in our low rates for the insured.

By insuring your home with The Ormond Agency you can have the peace of mind knowing that you’re insured against the risks you face.

Our standard home insurance provides the following types of coverage: : Even though home owners insurance does not cover damage from floods, we do offer flood insurance to protect your home or business and can be added to your home owners insurance.

For more information on Home Owners Insurance in Florida, contact one of our associates or just call us at 866-464-5600 to discuss your home owners insurance needs.

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Since the Lakota Federal Credit Union received a low-income designation from the National Credit Union Administration, we are allowed to accept non-member deposits.

If you are not eligible to become a member of the Lakota Federal Credit Union, you can still support us by making a deposit at the Lakota Federal Credit Union.