играть battle tanks

These are the tanks that the first and second players control.

Player 1 controls the yellow tank, and player 2 controls the green tank simultaneously.

Both tanks can only have one of their own shots on the screen at one time, and may not fire again until the shot hits an enemy or collides with a wall.

Unless a force field is surrounding the tanks, preventing them from taking damage, they can be destroyed by one enemy bullet.

If one player shoots another, it will prevent the other player from moving, although it will still be possible to turn and fire.

A power-up will spawn in one of 16 random locations on the screen whenever one of the three flashing tanks (which appear in each stage as the 4th, 11th, and 18th tank to spawn) is hit.

They will disappear when another flashing tank spawns.

Touching a power-up will collect it (it will then disappear) and you will earn 500 points as the power-up's effect is activated.

Раньше играли в танчики на игровых приставках, теперь можно играть в танки онглайн на двоих без каких либо препятствий и не нужных регистраций.

Игра Battle City онлайн, максимально приближена к игре на игровой консоле в которой к стати тоже можно играть в танки на двоих.

Каждый игрок получает в управление свой собственный танк, и сражается против наступающего противника по всевозможным лабиринтам, при этом защищая основной штаб.

Игра будет считаться пройденной, если сбить все танки врага.