игра атилла

Play Video Total War: Attila Developed by: Creative Assembly Published by: SEGAPlatform: PCRated: MHEXThanks Goose!

It's the dawn of the dark ages, the hordes are at the gates and the sun is well and truly setting on the Roman Empire. BAJOThe Total War series continues its march through history, and this time Attila and his hordes of Huns are the cover boys.

HEXI have to admit Bajo, while I'd obviously heard of Attila the Hun, I didn't know a whole lot about who he was or what he did exactly.

So I was excited to jump into this and find out about what this period of history was all about!

BAJOYes, the Total War games are pretty good history teachers actually!

If you've never played one in the series, it's basically mash of turn based and real time strategy.

HEXThere's a huge campaign map where you manage your empire and plan out your grand ambition.

And when armies clash you can go down onto the field to direct thousands of troops in battle.

BAJOTotal War games are always scrappy affairs; you start off with all your units in neat little rows, hoping your brave soldiers will hold the line till the very end.

But before long those lines start to crumble under the weight of flanking cavalry, raining arrows and a thousand swords clashing. Holding the high ground or pulling off some clever flanking manoeuvres makes all the difference.

To the point that a well placed and cleverly commanded force can even take on armies well over twice their size. Where you think you have no chance, but then some smart decisions and maybe a bit of luck and you can manage to pull off a win. HEXYeah, but then so much rides on just making sure your men don't freak out and run away doesn't it?

Morale is a huge factor in any battle since your men will only fight as long as their morale holds out.