гта сан андреас burning desire

I have a problem with burning desire mission in san andreas.

After set fire to the house we have to save girl name denice . and when i drop her and stop the car on red marker instead of go inside the house she ran away and cj hangs and can't do anything......... This glitch occurs if, at any point before doing this mission, you activated a riot cheat.

Upload your save to apply "Undo Peds Riot Cheat (Fix NPC glitches)" fix and download it back.

You've to set a house on fire by order of Frank Tenpenny and his pals.

First you've to pick up a few molotov cocktails in Downtown Los Santos.

Then go to the marked place in East Los Santos, a Vagos area, where you've to burn the house by throwing the Molotov Cocktails through the windows.

There are some Vagos around the house, make sure you kill them all, when you finished all five windows the whole building will be on fire.

A few Vagos members are coming out of the house, then you'll see, to your horror, a woman inside of the burning building. Don't forget to get the fire extinguisher in the kitchen, you'll need it!

Go upstairs and extinguish the flames in front of the woman's room, she will follow you while you make your way to the front door.

This has become more difficult because some parts of the building have collapsed. Once you're outside she hugs CJ and thanks him gratefully, get a vehicle and drive her home.

On your way to her house she introduces herself as Denise Robinson and she lives, just like you, in Grove Street.

Take her back to the hood and the mission is passed.