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Alex is an Associate Professor in the Department of Commercial Law and Head of Department of Commercial Law.

She teaches a wide range of commercial law subjects.

Her primary areas of research and publication are on blockchain technology (the regulation of cryptocurrenices and legal issues surrounding smart contracts), consumer law and intellectual property law (in particular copyright law).

Buying cryptocurrencies: I have lots of people approach me asking for advice on how and where to buy cryptocurrencies and/or what cryptocurrencies to purchase because they think they can make money.

I am not a financial advisor and I will not give people such advice.

Blockchain technology is very important, but the rampant speculation that is going on is not good for the blockchain eco-system, for more see this article.

The technical, legal and societal issues surrounding blockchain are fascinating, however, while there are many opportunities there are risks.

Blockchain's paradigm shifting nature can be difficult to comprehend, indeed it is an example of Arthur C Clarke's adage, "any sufficently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic".

Blockchain technology may be as disruptive, if not more disruptive, than the Internet and it is vital for businesses, governments and others to understand blockchain technology and its potential uses, particularly in their field of operation.

For some good resources on blockchain and its potential uses, see: Understand the blockchain in 90 seconds (video, 90 seconds) What is blockchain?

(video by the World Economic Forum, 2.19 minutes) Blockchain technology (video by UK Government Office for Science, 5.14 minutes) and see the report "Distributed Ledger Technology: beyond block chain" by the UK's Chief Scientific Adviser.) IBM and Maersk (video on a cross-border supply solution using blockchain, 3.20 minutes).

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain (excellent podcast explaining the potential for cyrptocurrencies and blockchain from the ABC - 29 minutes) The Blockchain is being under-hyped - article from Psychology Today These two reports from Australia's Data 61 are well worth reading: Distributed Ledgers: Scenarios for the Australian economy over the coming decades and Risks and Opportunities for Systems using Blockchain and Smart Contracts.