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In September of 1993, Greg Mortenson found himself lost and separated from his fellow expedition members, as well as the porter who was carrying all of his belongings, after a failed attempt to summit K2the worlds second highest mountain.

Fate eventually led Mortenson to a small village nestled in the Karakoram mountains of Pakistan.

After spending a great deal of time in the village, Mortenson was determined, against all odds, to build a school for the children of Korphe.

Over the past sixteen years, Mortensons mission has grown to become known as the Central Asia Institute.

As of 2009, they have established 130 schools and educated over 51,000 studentswith an emphasis on girls education.

When given a chance, she has the opportunity to raise the standard of living for herself and her family.

Without a chance, she and her family are stuck in a cycle of poverty.

Without opportunity, she is vulnerable and oppressed.

Without options, her children are subject to the extremist groups that enter their villages.

By educating and empowering these children, they have the ability to promote peace and change their nation for future generations.

Upon finishing Mortensons book, I closed the cover and immediately made a donation to Central Asia Institute.

However, I was so powerfully called to this cause, that I felt my monetary contribution wasnt nearly representative of my desire to help.