gaminators online

It is connected with the software creation and development for gambling industry.

But the company entered to the market only in 2001 . The Play Tech Corporation immediately got a lot of offers from many online casinos.

Such quick success was surprising because several large competitor companies worked in this segment (for example, Gaminators ).

Today Play Tech Company has left far behind the other competitors ( except Microgaming ) .

Play Tech produces applications for online casinos mobile gambling , poker rooms as well as slot machines.

And pay attention , they work on their own network of slot machines with progressive jackpots.

Also Play Tech is known as a software developer of land-based slot machines.

You will be amazed with the level of partners , cooperating with it.

Among the famous brands - Bet Fair which has created an online casino using the Play Tech software.

Another well-known affiliate brand is the famous SEGA known in the past as the creator of game console.

The leaders of the SEGA Company also decided to establish a casino jointly with Play Tech.

The majority of online casinos uses Play Tech software to get deposit except Western Union .