gaminator v

In addition to unique room design Empire Casino & Lounge also offers a great loyalty program to our clients!

You do not have to go anywhere in order to experience the atmosphere of the famous “Sin City”!

All clients who are willing to spend their leisure time playing slot machines automatically become participants of various “Jackpot” lottery drawing, depending on the slot machine number where the game is beeing played.

Grand Jackpot on all slot machines to 5 000 Eur Major Jackpot on all slot machines to 1 000 Eur Minor Jackopot on all slot machines to 300 Eur Wather Jackpot on Novomatic Premium-V Gaminator® to 100 Eur Mini Jackpot on Novomatic Super-V Gaminator® to 100 Eur Loyalty program The points of all customer card holders, playing on slot machines with their club card are accumulated according to the following formula: 1 point = 400 played cents At their sufficient quanitity points can be redeemed for cash in an equivalent 6 Eur =450 points A unique and pleasant addition to all that was mentioned above Chashback program – return of 5% of the sum of an unsuccessful game on slot machines (taking into account balance of 10 last days) All slot machines are equipped with a payment ticket system due to which you do not need to insert coins or paper bank notes in gaming devices. Novomatic: NOVO LINE™ Interactive International - Mix NOVO LINE™ INTERACTIVE - PREMIUM ED. WMS BLUEBIRD 2: Multi-Game Game Chest Set 2 Multi-Game Game Chest Set 3 Multi-Game Game Chest Set 4 Multi-Game Game Chest Set 5 Multi-Game Game Chest Set 7 3.

Slot machines Admiral were the most wide-spread slot machines in the territory of the former Soviet Union.

Also, it should be said that they have been very popular in other European countries.

Such a need for products of the Austrian company Novomatic, a developer of these slots, is possible due to its wide range of games of the highest quality.

The company Novomatic was founded by Johann Graf in 1980, and initially it was called Admiral.

It became soon one of the leading developers of gambling equipment.

The first slots of the company had been assembled from parts purchased in the United Kingdom, but in a few years all units were manufactured by the company.

Slot machines Admiral even at that time had the highest quality of the assembly, very high performance, reliability, convenience and reasonable prices.

These properties made slot machines from Novomatic so famous and popular in Italy, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic and many other European countries.