gaminator coolfire 2

The Gaminator® Cobra is a sophisticated selection of best performing Coolfire™ I games.

Only real international winners find their way into this premium multi-game machine for thrilling gaming excitement.

Is guaranteed to cover the preferences of all your guests.

Group & arrange, activate & deactivate, choosing from the best.

• 6 different games categories for different guest preferences • Individual colour-codes for all categories guarantee best game recognition and guest orientation • All games and/or categories are individually selectable per machine • Quick & easy control via the operator menu to create an adaptive gaming offering Every game category provides a carefully selected choice of games that cater to different guest preferences – enabling casino operators to optimise their gaming floor.

Guests will quickly adapt to the colour code and appreciate the orientation guideline that quickly enables them to find their favourite type of game.

think that is the only 1 which is password protected -- but there are many programmes out there now that can crack winrar passwords.

Also there are 6 tabs at the top of the page --- there is a lot more than just Novomatic games on there..

deluxe games ,chicago and others advertised there r coolfire 2 games with i don't think it's been emulated yet cuz if it was u would c alot of videos on youtube,or some news elsewere ,only some coolfire 1 games can be played on pc cuz i play dem !

Hello I'm working on a detailed manual for the Coolfire 2 PC emu (Ceb2- google to get it).

Yes, it's the official one featuring 19 games: Dynasty of Ming, Wonderful flute, Illusionist, Pharaohs Gold III, ... I will not post passwords, instructions on how to get the multi gambler running, etc., but you will be able to contact me via mail Note: No I will not ask money for it, I'll distribute the manual for free. Intro & Games Coolfire II enables advanced game design, offers flexibility and guarantees hours of superlative entertainment and exceptional gaming experience.

Ming Dynasty Travel back in time to the glorious days of ancient China!