eldorado casino online

The Eldorado Casino in Reno is home to a great poker room, particularly for cash games.

Nearly all week long the casino spreads a small $1/2 no-limit hold'em game which has a $60 min and $300 max buy-in.

The casino also runs a $3/5 game on the weekends with a $100 min and no max, which occasionally gets spread during the week as well.

The room also hosts a constant $3/6 limit hold'em game with a full kill.

It was a tight affair on the two occasions I visited, both times taking place during the week.

The players and poker room manager all assured me that it livened up at night and on the weekends.

The Eldorado's poker room is also one of the only rooms in the Reno-Sparks-Lake Tahoe-Carson City area that spreads a seven-card stud game on a regular basis.

Admittedly, with $1/5 limits, it's a relatively low-stakes limit game, yet it runs nearly all the time.

I found the game to be very tight and passive, especially after I was able to raise a few times by $5 and on each occasion everyone folded, winning me the $1 bring-in in this ante-less game.

There are tournaments too, though not as many as some of the other rooms in the area.

You will find a nice $20 tournament (with two $20 rebuys) on Tuesday nights and a $40 affair on Wednesdays with a $20 bounty for every player you knock out.

Both start at 6pm and both are structured to give the players a decent amount of time, with play lasting between three and four hours for the winners.