crazy game monkey

I love when my expectations are exceeded, especially when it comes to the quality of a game.

There are times I open boxes and cannot believe the sub-par quality of the game parts — granted that doesn’t mean the game is bad, but we definitely didn’t start off on the right foot.

The complete opposite happened when I opened Coconuts Crazy Monkey Dexterity Game from Mayday Games (aka just Coconuts).

I was WOWED and it wasn’t just me, my playtesters were impressed too! I just didn’t put them all in the pic above.) The premise of the game is kind of obvious: launch coconuts into cups using your monkey.

The plastics were solid; the monkeys were really well made with a very satisfying launching mechanism. The goal of the game is to either make a pyramid of cups first OR have the most coconuts in your cups by the time there are no coconuts left to launch.

The cups start in the middle, either in a square or triangle dependent on how many players you have.

Some of the center cups start off nested and if you get a coconut in the top cup you only collect that one, exposing the one beneath it.

Yellow cups are often nested in red cups and if you land a coconut in a red cup you get a bonus turn.

To count a coconut, it must stay in the cup and because they have a slight rubbery/bouncy feel, this can be difficult!

Once you capture a cup from the middle (or manage to steal one from your opponent by landing a coconut in it) you place it on your board so that you have 3 in a row as a base layer and eventually you’ll place 2 on top of that and if you manage to collect 6, the last one goes on top and you claim victory!

To mix things up there are special cards and everyone gets 2 at the start of the game.

With the exception of the double shot card, you use all of the cards on your opponent in hopes of screwing them up.