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New Jersey's Atlantic City is in the midst of a facelift.

The town, famed for its iconic boardwalk and glitzy casino scene, is in the first stages of a $50 million renovation that will infuse its waterfront with some high-tech flair, including snazzy LED lighting and updated pedestrian paths."America's Playground" isn't the only New Jersey entity on the up and up, technologically speaking.

The state is also home to a burgeoning online gambling community.

And speaking of facelifts: 888casino, one of the operators currently approved to host online gambling activities in New Jersey, recently went through one of its own, adding a huge host of games to its online offerings and making it easier than ever for players to enjoy casino gaming while on-the-go.

A bit of background behind New Jersey's growing online gambling scene: New Jersey officially legalized online gambling in 2013 with the signing of Assembly Bill 2578.

Players who are 21 or older are able to partake in the activity through a number of verified sites.

Gaming of this kind is open to anyone visiting New Jersey — not just residents — and there are a variety of measures in place to ensure gamer safety.

As part of these rigorous regulatory stipulations handled by the state's Division of Gaming Enforcement, only approved casinos and sites are legally allowed to operate online gambling activities.

Organizations are vetted for "honesty, good character and integrity," and a number of metrics are monitored to ensure the security of sites' information systems.

All operators in New Jersey, including 888casino, require customers to enter their social security numbers upon sign-up.

This practice helps gauge gamers' eligibility and protects their identity as they play.

(Social security numbers are never stored or published publicly; collection of this data is solely for verification purposes.)A wide variety of gaming options Games like slots and roulette make for an easy introduction for less experienced players who are just beginning to dabble in the world of virtual casino play.