бонусы resident

Unlock a couple of fun bonuses that’ll make future playthroughs easier or harder, depending on your choices.

Don’t worry, it doesn’t matter if you got the good ending or the bad ending, all you need to do is finish the story on Normal to get these cool rewards.

Naturally, the first unlock is the crazy-hard “Madhouse” difficulty mode, which changes the game in a variety of cool ways.

Madhouse isn’t the only bonus, you’ll also get an upgraded block.

You’ll take less damage from blocking enemy attacks, which is always a plus.

Then there’s the big reward — the Albert-01R Handgun.

This compact killer takes out most enemies in a single shot.

That’ll make future playthroughs a complete breeze.

Perfect if you’re hunting achievements / trophies or collectibles.

One of these rewards, “Madhouse” difficulty, is available as a Pre-order bonus where it allows you to unlock it instantly.

So for us non-pre-order people, this is how that mode is unlocked.

It’s better this way, I wouldn’t recommend starting your first campaign on Madhouse.